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Set of 3 animated infographics for an article about the Voyagers and the Golden Records.

The Golden Records are disks that were sent into space to show the diversity of culture and life on earth. The cover of the record explains the playback speed of the Golden Record and how the short high-pitched beeps on the B-side of the record can be converted into the images they carry. The series of infographics try to explain how the Golden Records are supposed to be deciphered.

The full article can be read here.

How do we explain something to an alien? For that, we need a universal constant. And to make sure it is understood everywhere in the universe, we derive it from the most common atom in the universe: the hydrogen atom.
When the two particles suddenly rotate on their own axis in opposite directions, the energy level of the atom drops. This energy difference is then emitted in the form of a photon: an energy packet that can be measured throughout the universe.
The energy of the photon can be expressed in terms of wavelength, frequency, and vibrational time. This time (expressed in our SI-system as 0.7 nanoseconds) is the universal constant by which the symbols on the gold plate can be deciphered.
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